Samsung Toner Cartridge Replacement Guide

April 5, 2011 1 Comment

A Samsung toner cartridge is one of the most reliable and efficient printer toner that is used on in Samsung laser printers. Most printer users would often rely on these machines for their high quality printing needs.

Still, there are times when a Samsung toner cartridge reaches its full limit and you will have to purchase a new one. However, if you do not know how to properly replace your printer cartridge, there is a possibility that your printer will start acting weird and create poor prints.

So to help you out on changing your Samsung toners, here is a quick guide that you can try.

First, you need to turn off your Samsung printer to avoid accidents and power failure. The power button would normally be located at the control panel on the top portion of the printer. Just press this to properly shut down your printing machine.

Next, you need to open your printer’s top cover for you to locate the toner cartridges. Gently press the top cover lever then lift the cover.

open printer cover

You could easily locate the Samsung toner cartridge since it will be at the center part of your printer. There is a handle at the toner cartridge which you can grab on to take it off.

take off cartridge

Take your new Samsung toner then gently shake it back and forth so that the toner would be equally distributed.

shake new cartridge

Pull out the paper cover or plastic on the toner cartridge then insert in your laser printer.

pull off seal

Finally, close your Samsung printer’s cover then turn it on to do a test print.

close printer

Performing the provided steps can provide you an ease in replacing your Samsung toner cartridge. However, you need to take note that this guide may not work for a specific model so it would be best to always refer to your printer’s manual.

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One Comments to “Samsung Toner Cartridge Replacement Guide”
  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your article.
    I bought some generic (non Samsung brand) toner, have installed it but my Mac gives me an error message and says I need to install a software update, however no update exists. After doing some Googling, I have learned that Samsung has done a sneaky trick and won’t let their printers print with generic brand toner cartridges… Anyone know a way around this?


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