Save on Compatible Inks and Papers when Producing Coupons

July 29, 2010 1 Comment

couponsAvailing coupons for your shopping needs can really be great to add more on your savings, especially if you are purchasing expensive items.

At present, the trendy form of giving out coupons is through email then allowing the customers to print their own coupon page, which can consume your paper and ink cartridges if you do not know how to print this wisely. So how can you save on your consumables while enjoying those free item offers or discounts given by shops? Here are a few tips on getting those two savings at the same time.

Printer Settings

You may use the “Draft” printer settings to save on your printer ink. Just make sure that the coupon’s barcode will still be visible since this is the most important part of the coupon. Using the “Draft” mode can decrease the amount of ink consumed when printing so this is a really good option.

Stop Printing

You can save on both the ink and paper if you stop the printing process right after you have seen that the printer has produced the coupon part already. Most companies would add advertisements on the coupon page which is located at the bottom part so you don’t have to actually have that part anymore.

Recycle Paper

If you are going to apply the first two options, you might as well add this too. Recycle the paper by using it again for printing another coupon. Since you stopped printing the advertisement part on the first coupon, you can still use the blank part of the paper. Most of the time, coupons are less than half a page so you can double print which can save more on your paper consumption.

Using coupons for different shopping needs can really be helpful, but if you are using consumables like your inks and papers, you might want to think twice on having these. However, if you wish to have all your coupon pages printed, you can go and use compatible printer inks with the tips above for sure savings.

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