Saving Toners and Papers at Home Office

April 28, 2010 No Comments

toners and papersToners and papers—the most valuable things needed when using the printer—may sometimes run out without warning you. This is appropriate for almost all working spaces including home office. Handling such problems is a hassle when you are in a hurry. So how do you save these materials in your home office? Here are some ways that we can suggest.

1. Print the needed ones only.

There are always images and texts in a page and in it is tiresome to read everything just to locate the important part. However, keep in mind that you must review a page first to avoid wasting your ink/toner and paper.

2. Reuse and reduce paper.

When printing your files just for fast reading, try printing at the back page as well to save paper consumption. You can also reuse stocked papers by using them as a draft for printing and even writing. You wouldn’t consume a lot of paper if you consider reusing and reducing it.

3. Avail promos for toner packages.

It is common to find stores that offer packages and bulks of toners. These promos can save your budget and can even provide hassle-free shopping. It can also conserve ink consumption when you use all basic colors.

4. Try remanufactured or compatible toners.

Remanufactured toners are recycled toner cartridges that undergo inspection to replace the damaged parts before re-selling. Compatible toners, on the other hand, can be compared to new ones because of the process done on these. Most of the parts are also brand new, but at a lower price. Both offer more or less same quality as OEMs or original equipment manufactured ones with price difference only.

5. Empty your cartridge before changing it.

Do not be fooled when most printers give warning that the ink or toner is already consumed because there is still a little left. Just continue printing until the entire cartridge is emptied. This saves you from buying a replacement when you still have ink or toner left.

Work with convenience at your home office by using these tips on saving ink and paper.

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