Solving the Common Printer Errors

September 17, 2010 No Comments

printer error2Time and time again we are reminded on how to care for our beloved printers because they can be monsters in disguise if we don’t show some love for them.

So, maybe now you are wondering how and when your printer will transform into your greatest rival. Well, the time will all depend on you. Why? Because you are the one who made your once lovable printing partner into a moody machine.

But then again you can stop that from happening. Once your printer started showing printer errors, you have to act fast since it can be the start of an ugly relationship with it. To help you, here are the common printer errors and how you can solve these easily.

Eating Too Much?

Your printer is not a person but you feed it with paper, right? There are times when the printer eats too much paper that it seems weird and annoying too. Don’t blame the printer here. Sometimes, the sheets of paper on your feeding tray are stuck together so they tend to go with the others when the printer starts working. All you have to do is fan the papers or separate them before starting your printing process.

No Prints?

So your printer takes in a blank sheet of paper then when it comes out, it’s still blank. What happened? Where did all your compatible inkjet cartridges or laser toners go? Now, don’t panic and just turn off your printer to check your cartridges. If these are new, be sure that you have removed all those seals that protect the toner or ink. If your cartridges are already being used, maybe it’s time for you to replace these.

These are just some of the really common printer tantrums that you can get. So, I guess you should always look out for that printer and be sure to pay a little more care and attention to it for it to behave just like it was just newly bought.

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