Some Facts about Compatible HP Ink Cartridges

January 28, 2011 1 Comment

HP ink cartridgesCompatible HP ink cartridges are considered as one of the perfect printer supply replacement for HP inkjet printers when the owner wants to save on printing costs. These printer inks are affordable and can replicate the same printing quality completed by the original HP inks.

No wonder, there are many printer supply stores nowadays that are already offering these compatible items.

But like any other printer cartridge, a compatible HP printer ink also has its own set of facts that printer users must know. To continue getting great printed materials from your HP printer, here are some  simple notes you should take note of about your ink cartridges.

1. The “Low on Ink” printer message that will appear on your monitor after some time means that this is the right moment for you to order new HP ink cartridges. Although you can still continue printing from your current cartridge until the very last drop is used, it will still be best to have a spare one to avoid the lack of ink when you most need it.

2. When you are about to replace your HP printer ink, be sure to install the new cartridge properly and consume it within six months to avoid reaching its expiration date. If you want to store it for a while, be sure to check on its package for proper details and how long you can keep it unopened.

3. Always remember that an ink cartridge can dry up easily, always clean the print heads to get rid of dried ink. You should also use the printer maintenance tools on your desktop to keep the ink cartridge working perfectly.

With these helpful facts, you can be sure to get the best printed material needed from your compatible HP ink cartridges and at the same time, you will also receive the savings that you want.

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