Steps to Connect an HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer to a PC Through Your IP Address (Video Tutorial)

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The HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer is one of Hewlett Packard’s multi-function printers included in its Color LaserJet Series. According to PCMag‘s Review, the HP Color LaserJet CM2320n is “one of the best color laser all-in-ones (AIOs) yet for the price.” It can produce high-quality printouts, and lab-quality photo for a laser printer, it also includes a stand-alone fax, copier and e-mail sender. But to use the last feature, you should be able to connect your PC through a network and how can you do that?

TonerBoss Blog will give you the step-by-step procedure on how you can connect your HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer to your PC through your IP Address. We even provide you with a video tutorial to make things easier for you. Just follow these and you sure won’t have a problem regarding your printer’s network connection.

How to Connect an HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer to a PC through an IP ADDRESS

  • First, turn on your HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer then after it has finished initializing, go to the set-up menu.
  • Next, go to network configuration.
  • Press “OK” at the TCP/IP configuration.
  • Press “OK” at Manual.
  • Copy and/or write down the IP Address which will be used later.
  • On  your PC, download the HP Universal Driver from the HP Website and follow the guides: (1) After the program is installed, a pop-menu will show asking “What type of printer do you want to install?”, (2) Pick the “local printer”, (3) Select your “Printer Port, by clicking the radio button next to “create a new port” and select “standard TCP/IP Port”, (4) Next, type the printer host name or IP address, (5) The program will then ask you to install the printer driver, select next, (6) Select which version of the driver you want to use, (7) And then type the printer name, (8) Click next and wait for the PC to install, (9) Then select whether you will allow printer sharing or not, click next and your finished.

And there you go, your HP Color LaserJet CM2320n Printer is now set and connected to your PC. You can start printing your documents now., the HP toners specialist, offers an extensive collection of toner cartridges and ink cartridges including HP ColorLaserJet CM2320n cartridges: HP CC530A black toner, HP CC531A cyan toner, HP CC532A yellow toner and HP CC533A magenta toner cartridges, that are ideal replacements. Plus, we offer free-shipping on all toner cartridges order $49 and above. Our products are also covered with 1-Year Money Back Guarantee, allowing our customers to return their toner cartridges if ever they have any problems with it and we will automatically ship new replacement cartridges to them with no questions or extra fee asked.

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