Switching to a Compatible Cartridge

June 24, 2010 2 Comments

HP Q6470A

Compatible HP Q6470A Toner Cartridge

There are a lot of speculations about compatible cartridges and remanufactured types because these are made by third party companies that want to provide printer cartridges which are less expensive yet can compete with the original ones in printing quality. So what are these myths and how can you be sure that you are switching to the right compatible cartridge store?

1. Compatible cartridges are not well-matched with my printer.

With the growing demands and changes in the printing industry, almost all compatible cartridge stores update their products to continuously meet the latest printers. An example would be the HP Q6470A toner cartridge which is used in some famous HP printers.

2. OEMs are still the best choice.

Almost all third party cartridges at present have already applied the standards used to produce printer cartridges so if you really try on a compatible type, you will get the same printing quality made by the OEMs.

3. Refilling cartridges is the only process made on third party inks and toners.

This is just a misconception because different processes are designed to create compatible cartridges. These steps are cleaning, detecting damaged parts, replacing these parts, and new ink or toner is placed afterwards.

4. Remanufactured cartridges are just the same with compatible cartridges.

Although these two products are made by third party companies, the compatible cartridges are way better than the remanufactured ones. Why? Because the compatible types, which can be found both in black and color toners or ink cartridges, are more or less brand new items and have been thoroughly made to match or even exceed the performance of the OEMs, while the remanufactured cartridges are somehow made of recycled parts that have been inspected to maintain good quality.

So why should you switch to a compatible cartridge? A good answer to that question is the best printing quality that this cartridge can give you. You also save more on the expenses because it is way cheaper than OEMs and the page yield is much higher. That’s saving on money and paper at the same time. Plus, using third party products make you an Eco-friendly buyer since these are made under measures that save more on the resources.

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