The Benefits of a Compatible Drum Cartridge

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drum cartridge

Compatible Dell 1700n Black Laser Drum Cartridge

Many are already familiar with a compatible inkjet cartridge and a compatible printer toner, but not everyone knows what a compatible drum cartridge is. Although it is almost the same with the famous printer cartridges, it has its own characteristics and benefits too.

A compatible drum cartridge is the main tool for the black and white laser printers, fax machines, and copy machines. It works just like a toner cartridge in transferring the toner to the paper for creating the printout.

The benefits of using a drum cartridge is that it is more cost saving than inkjet cartridges because you just have to change the toner when it runs out, unlike the inkjet type wherein you have to replace the entire printer cartridge. The drum cartridge also has a longer life and higher page yield which makes the printing cost lower than ever, although proper maintenance must be made to keep its printing quality. Cleaning a drum cartridge can be easy as long as you use clean tissue papers or cloth.

The printing job done by a compatible drum cartridge is very fast so you can depend on it for creating high quality files. When fully consumed, you can dispose it by donating it to a recycling center or program offered by many printer cartridge stores like Tonerboss. In this way, you can save a lot while helping the environment too.

Switching to a compatible drum cartridge is not a bad idea as long as you know that you are getting it from a reliable store that offers less expensive but high quality products.

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