The Compatible Ink Cartridge Guide Part 2

October 22, 2010 No Comments

compatible ink cartridge guideIn the first part of our Compatible Ink Cartridge Guide, we discussed the types of ink cartridges which include the OEMs, the remanufactured ones, and of course the compatible printer inks. Now in this blog entry, we will talk about the components or parts of ink cartridge and how to show care for these consumables.

It is important to know the parts of an ink cartridge since you cannot do proper maintenance on it if you are not certain which piece needs more care than the others. So to start, there is the really important one that determines the amount of ink needed to print a certain file. This part is called the printhead which can be found as a portion of the cartridge or as one of the structures inside the printer.

If the printhead is on the cartridge and it was damaged, you can just go and buy a new cartridge which is not that expensive if you go for compatible ink cartridges rather than the original ones.

However, if the printhead is located in your printer and it won’t work well anymore, you might as well think of getting a new printer instead since it will be more expensive to have this part repaired.

To maintain the quality of your printouts, you should always do proper maintenance. If you are not going to use your printer inks for a long time, store these in a dark, cool area where there is no sign of direct sunlight.

While most of the time remanufactured and original cartridges would last up to two years when unused, compatible ink cartridges can reach up to three years as long as proper storage is done.

Always keep in mind that it is better to do the right care for your printer and its cartridges rather than having these damaged which can cost a lot for you afterwards.

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