The Good and Bad Sides of Cloud Printing

January 18, 2011 No Comments

CloudPrintingHave you heard about cloud printing? Well, it has already been introduced last year but many believe that it will continue to change the style of printing this year. However, what is so good and so bad about cloud printing?

To get the details, first we need to know what cloud printing can do for us.

Cloud printing is the newest type of printing wherein you frankly won’t need a PC anymore since a printer that uses the cloud system just needs an Internet connection, preferably wireless of course, and then you will just send the file to it via email or you could even grab your file online then set the printer to print it. It is somehow an experience that makes you feel you can depend solely on your printer. But is cloud printing really effective and reasonable for now? To give us an example, we could check out the HP PhotoSmart eStation which is one of the most unusual yet stunning printers that offers cloud printing.

The HP PhotoSmart eStation is an all-in-one printer with a detachable 7-inch touch screen for different purposes. It is filled with HP ink cartridges that make it create perfect prints for different needs. The cool thing about this printer is that you can do so much than just print, scan, and the like which are offered by most multifunction printers. It has a lot of available applications that can offer you with exciting games, updates, and other features that you can only access if you have an internet. Plus it has its own email address which you can send an email to when you want it to print something for you.

So the HP PhotoSmart eStation is a good one to show you what cloud printing can give, but the downside could be the slow printing process which has been an issue especially on its ePrint feature. Also, it has a limited space for paper and wired connection cannot be applied to it.

Now, do you think you should really go for cloud printing at this moment especially with the HP PhotoSmart eStation? Well, it will still depend on your preference if you are that hyped to try the newest features that this printer can offer. But, it would always be best to think first why you really need a printer. After all, you will have to spend more than usual when you go for something that has more than the basic functions, right?

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