The Good and Bad Sides of Dell Inkjet Printers

August 19, 2010 No Comments

dell printers2Dell inkjet printers can be good or bad to you depending on the issues that surround your Dell model. It cannot be denied that Dell has faced a lot of lawsuits and problems involving its printers and other products too.

However, if you still wish to look into details and on what Dell is good for after all, let us quickly discuss the good and bad sides here.

1. The Good Side

Dell printers can be considered as on the affordable brands and models. You can even save a whole lot more if you supply your Dell printer with compatible Dell inks. Dell also has different kinds of printers ranging from single function to MFPs depending on your preference, plus the fact that these are less expensive.

2. The Bad Side

Dell has received a lot of complaints for the past years about its customer service, business practices, and expensive consumables when the ink cartridges tend to be in a smaller size than others. These problems have been present for a long time and Dell still has to face the idea that it sells Lexmark printers under its own name when there are those who are not in favor of it.

Dell printers, just like any other printer brand, also have struggles and difficulties to overcome. However, with the fast advancement of the other leading names in the printing industry, Dell should do some big steps to overcome its problems and make its good sides a main asset to reach the bigger market.

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