The Proper Way of Storing Compatible Epson Inkjet Cartridges

September 14, 2010 No Comments

Epson Inks

Compatible Epson Inks

Epson printers are known to create brilliant printouts especially those that need full color printings. Filled with the right compatible Epson inkjet cartridges, you will surely enjoy every print that you will make.

But what if you don’t print that much and you end up having dried Epson printer inks? It can be frustrating since we all know that ink cartridges are really expensive nowadays. So, let me share some tips so that you can properly store your compatible Epson inkjet cartridges.

You’ll need a plastic bag preferably the zip lock type so that you can properly seal the bag and avoid dirt or other stuffs to get in. You must also have a sponge or towel that is damp, not really wet. So, place the Epson printer ink inside the bag and include the sponge or towel too. Close it properly and make sure that nothing will enter that container. Now, find a cool and dark spot in your room and store the ink cartridge there.

You can also put some tape on the print head to protect it, but be careful when you take off the tape since damaging the print head can affect the ink cartridge. How grave is that damage? Well, it can actually make the entire cartridge useless so I think you should really be cautious in touching the print head part.

Now, you already have some ways so that you can properly store those Epson inks. Also, keep in mind to regularly do maintenance on your printer so that it will continue doing great prints for you.

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