The Proper Way of Storing Unused Compatible Printer Cartridges

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When printing is not something that is so important yet you own a printer, you may have those moments wherein you just let your printer cartridges dry up. It would seem unfortunate to replace your printer cartridge especially when you know you have wasted it in the first place. So here are ways to store unused ink or toner cartridges to avoid wasting these.

1. Get a zip-sealed bag.

A zip-sealed bag will definitely protect your printer cartridges from any damages so put each in a bag then store in the right place.

2. Add a slightly wet sponge.

Add a damp sponge in the zip-sealed bag together with the printer cartridges to maintain the printing quality. Make sure that the sponge is not wet but has a moist texture.

3. Store at the right place.

You need to preserve the zip-sealed bag with the cartridge and sponge in a cool and dark place. This prolongs the life span of the cartridge and its printing performance.

4. Cover the print head.

The print head must be handled with care so make sure to cover it with tape and secure it from any damages.

Storing your ink or toner cartridge will be easy and efficient as long as you follow the tips above. You can also have it in your printer and do the right maintenance to keep its printing quality.

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