The Proper Ways to Cancel Your Printer’s Printing Process

November 4, 2010 No Comments

printer printingSometimes when you are in a rush to finish your documents, you just suddenly hit that “Print” button without knowing that you are actually printing the wrong file.

This can be one of those situations when all you could feel is panic especially when you know that you are going to waste paper and your laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges.

Well, normally you could command your printer to stop printing that file but you must do the proper steps to avoid damaging your desktop, printing machine, or the printer cartridges. So, here are two ways that you may want to try when you are caught up in this situation.

1. You can always hit the “Cancel” or “Stop” button on your printer when you want it to immediately end its printing. You could also turn it off and then take out the paper where it had started printing.

2. If you just cannot seem to make it stop through the printer, then try doing it on your desktop. Just locate the image of your printer on your taskbar then double click it to launch. After that, click on the cancel printing feature so that the computer would tell the printer to stop whatever it is doing.

These are two of the right ways for you to ask your printer to quit creating that wrong printout. You can also try other tips as long as these won’t do harm on your printing machine and its consumables since you would not want to purchase a new one when you are in a rush.

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