The Right Time to Replace Your Laser Toner

February 23, 2011 2 Comments

placing cartridgeA laser printer, with the right set of laser toner, can provide you with fast, efficient, and high quality printouts whenever you need them. However, just like any other printer consumable, a laser toner cartridge would also run out when frequently used.

But there are instances when you do not have any clear idea that your printer cartridges are about to get empty leaving you unprepared and troubled when you really need to print something.

So, when is the right time to really replace your laser toner cartridge and how can you still gain savings from this even when you have to buy new ones most of the time, especially when you print a lot?

First of all, your printer has this initiative to tell you when your toner or ink is on the low level. It will give you that “Low on Ink/Toner” message which is your signal to check on your printer supply store for an available toner cartridge.

When you have noticed that your printouts start to blur, you can take off your cartridge and shake it so that the toner will settle and you can continue your printing. You should also handle the printer cartridge properly so that you won’t damage any part of it and it can work properly with your printing machine. By this time, you should have already ordered your replacement since sooner or later your printer toner or ink will be fully consumed.

Lastly, if you are about to install your new set of laser toner cartridges, be sure to check if you could recycle your empty toners to help reduce your wastes. Also, always go for compatible laser toners to get more savings while still having the best prints that you need.

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