The Vocabulary of Printers and Compatible Printer Cartridges

September 29, 2010 No Comments

vocabularyPrinters and even compatible printer cartridges use different terms or words that some printer users may not understand especially when they are not provided with that vocabulary book on printers.

Well, maybe there is no such thing as a compatible laser toner and printer dictionary, but there are times when you will just need one. So here’s a quick lesson on those quite hard to explain printer terms.

The Basic Terms

1. Dots per Inch (dpi) – This term explains how many dots your printer can put in a one square inch part of the paper. The usual numbers used for this one are 300 and 360. Normally, the more dots a printer can make, the better the printouts will be. However, with the advancement of printers, there are already models that can produce brilliant prints without the need for many dots per inch.

2. Pages per Minute (ppm) – Many printer makers would fight over how many pages their printer models can make in just one minute. This is normal since the more pages a printer can make means the faster the printing will be. For busy people, printer speed is very important so looking on this detail can be essential too.

The Paper-Related Terms

1. Duplexing- This word means that the printer can print on both sides of a paper. It is an economical way of saving money, compatible laser toner cartridge or printer ink, and paper too. Apply this when you think it is appropriate for your material.

Now you already have an idea on some of the fresh terms being used in the printing industry. Just remember to always pay attention on a printer’s and cartridge’s details to avoid missing out some important parts like these terms.

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