Three Easy Ways to Clean Your HP Laser Printers

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clean your hp printerHewlett Packard otherwise known as “HP” is a multinational recognized brand for home and office products, providing an award-winning line of laser printers, multifunction devices and inkjet printers. In fact, HP is known to be one of the largest manufacturers of laser printers along with Brother Industries, Xerox Corporation and Samsung Group. It won’t be a surprise if you’re using an HP laser printer in your office or even own one in your home. Technically built by experts, HP laser printers provides its users with consistent good output, simple-to-use settings and advanced features such as WiFi network support and mobile-printing features. But of course, to get the most out of your HP laser printers, you have to maintain it as well. Aside from buying printer consumables such as HP toners and HP drum cartridges, users should also know how to clean their HP laser printers.

By cleaning your HP laser printers, you’re sure to lengthen your printer’s life and avoid the troubles of printer malfunction caused by not performing the task mentioned. Most printer users tend to search the internet on how-to’s but end up finding complicated steps that’s why in this article, we’re going to show you three ways on how to clean that HP laser printer as easy as a piece of cake.

  • Cleaning the HP Laser Printer’s surface – When your HP laser printer’s surface gets dusty, you can just wipe it off the top using anti-static wipes or a paper towel, or use a can of compressed air and spray the top, removing the dusts.
  • Cleaning the Inside of Your HP Laser Printer – On the inside, the same compartment where you place your HP toner cartridges in, simply remove the cartridge then use compressed air to blow any dust particles stuck in the toner tray. If you see any large particles of paper that came from paper jams, pull out the remaining parts of papers before putting the toner cartridge back to its place.
  • Cleaning the Slot of the Paper Tray – That part can accumulate dusts too, so its better to clean it up as well by¬† first taking out the paper tray then the same as the printer’s surface, you use anti-static wipes, paper towel or compressed air to get the dusts off the printer.

Those are the three main parts that you basically need to clean every now and then to maintain your HP laser printer, the top, the toner tray and the paper tray.

Here’s a tutorial video on How to Clean Your HP Laser Printer from Ehow Presenter, Ron Chase:


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