Tips on Printing College Reports

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printing college reportSchool works, assignments, research papers and reports, well, I bet since the school semester had started,  students have spent a large portion of their time doing these. College students especially know how important these school papers are to get a passing grade or that remarkable A+ in their transcript. But didn’t you know it takes more than the content or the body of the research or report to achieve  a good outcome. That’s just one thing, presentation is almost as important, such as the printouts of your final report that will be pass to your professors and be graded.

To help you the latter, here are some helpful tips on how to print your college reports close to perfection:

  • Skim and look for typographical errors or excessive spaces – First and foremost rule is to look for any typographical errors, misspelled words and excessive spaces or absent break lines in your report. Most students make the mistake of printing their reports the exact time they had finished it not bothering to check its font styles, margins, indents and spellings. Remember, your professors will be quite  persnickety especially in your grammars and spellings. Your report may imply an astonishing idea but without using the proper words and  the proper sentence, it may be sure on its way of receiving a C- or  D.
  • Use readable or appealing fonts – According to a research report on Font Readability made by Lewis-Clark State College, the serif font Times New Romans is considered to be the most readable font style for printed text. Avoid using decorative font styles even the Monotype Corsiva, it may look elegant but for most readers, they are usually annoyed with its curves and strokes. Here is a list of other fonts that are great to use in printing your school reports:
  1. Georgia
  2. Book Antiqua
  3. Arial
  4. Tahoma
  5. Trebuchet MS
  6. Verdana
  • Click the “Print Preview” button – Clicking the “print preview” button before printing your document is the easiest way of skimming through your entire report looking for blank pages and excessive spaces. It saves you from the trouble of having to print an entire report full of errors, as well as, saves you from wasting your printer’s ink, energy and your time.
  • Use the right printer – Choosing the right printer to print your report is important as well. If you’re paper are mostly text-based or full of graphics then using a laser printer will be great for producing those sharp, crisp and clear text and graphic designs. Its capable as well of printing your hundred page thesis report in a flash since most of these laser printing devices are built to deliver fast-printing speed. However, if your report is mostly consist of pictures then you should use an inkjet printer instead since these are more capable of producing vibrant and lively image printouts than the former printer.
  • Finding the right paper – According to AFB, using glossy papers such as those used in magazines can create excess glare for the readers.
  • Cut down your printing cost – Printing expenses may cost you a portion of your budget, that’s why to save some bucks, you can choose alternative cartridges to replace your printer cartridges such as compatible toner and ink cartridges. These cost-saving alternative can cut 40% of your printing expenses. Just make sure you buy these compatible printer cartridges at reliable retailers to make sure you get top-notch quality and satisfying print results.
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