To Buy Toners & Inks from E-Commerce Sites or Printer Supplies Store Like TonerBoss

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Let’s admit it since technology has provided us with internet, we have been using it to its extent and for our convenience such as buying stuffs at the comfort of your own home or at your office desk with just a click or two. One of these is when we’re stacking up for our printer supplies, however, when doing this, we are simply faced with the decision of either buying our laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges at e-commerce sites like  Ebay and Amazon or ordering them directly at printer supplies store as what we have at TonerBoss.

But truthfully, between the two choices,  which one is the wiser option? That’s what we’re going to discuss for today’s article, about the pros and cons of buying toners and inks from Ebay and Amazon or buying thse printer supplies from online printer supplies retailer like TonerBoss.

In this video, we will show you the options you should consider when buying your toners and inks at online retailer stores:

Similarities Between Buying Printer Supplies from Amazon/Ebay and from TonerBoss

  • Low Price
  • Fast Shipping

Buying from Amazon/Ebay

  • Amazon and Ebay uses third party sellers which may lead to inconsistent pricing, service, or quality. You may be buying from one seller at a price on one order then a completely different seller and price on another order.
  • Another thing is that some sellers may not be up to qualified remanufacturing code, resulting in cheaper build products.
  • Customers service may be through a third party provider and not the seller you originally purchased from.

Buying from TonerBoss

  • Offers you a diverse selection of inks and toners in which we are specialized experts in remanufacturing.
  • Personal customer service and One Year Warranties.
  • Discounts and Offers can be everyday. You can always check out our TonerBoss Coupons Page for this.

Tonerboss is your trusted online provider of quality compatible HP toners for HP laser printers, laser toner cartridges for other printer brands, discounted ink cartridges and printer supplies. We are your best partner in providing quality & affordable printer consumables delivered thru excellent customer service. Free shipping on laser toner and ink cartridges on all contiguous U.S. orders amounting to $49 or more. For orders under $49, we offer a $4.99 flat rate ground shipping.

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