Troubleshooting Tips on HP CE505A (HP 05A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge

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The HP CE505A (HP 05A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge is the replacement printer cartridge that replaces OEM part number CE505A (05A) on HP LaserJet P2032 and HP LaserJet P2055, and offers high printing page yield of up to 2,300 pages.   If you happen to be owning one of the laser printer mentioned above then here’s an article that will discuss the main troubleshooting tips when installing HP CE505A (HP 05A) toner or when one is having problems on their HP CE505A (HP 05A) toner.

Tip 1 – Redistribute Toner

This is a solution when the toner is printing low, faded and light areas on its output. With this solution, it might temporarily improve your print quality and also extend the installed life of your toner cartridge.

  1. Push the button to open the print-cartridge door then remove the laser toner cartridge.c01597475
  2. To redistribute the toner, gently shake the laser toner cartridge from front to back. The rocking motion will distribute the toner powder inside the printer cartridge. Take note that if the toner gets into your clothing, you can wipe it off with a dry cloth or wash it with cold water. Never use hot water for it will set the toner powder in and stain your cloth.
  3. Reinsert the laser toner cartridge into the product then close the printer cartridge door.c01597477

If the print is still light, then it is time to install new HP CE505A (HP 05A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge.

Tip 2 – Change the Print Cartridge

When the print cartridge approaches the end of its installed life, you will be prompted by a notification to order a replacement from HP Supply. Although, you can continue printing by distributing the toner but if that didn’t work anymore, it’s now time to replace your printer cartridge.

  1. Push the button to open the printer cartridge door then remove the empty laser toner cartridge.c01597475
  2. Remove the new HP CE505A (HP 05A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge from its package.c01597478
  3. Grasp both sides of the laser toner cartridge and distribute the toner by gently rocking the laser toner cartridge.
  4. Bend the tab on the left side of the printer cartridge until the tab breaks loose. Then pull the tab until it is firmly seated then close the printer cartridge door.c01597479
  5. Once you’re done with these steps, the installation is complete.

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Solutions & Images Credits from HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Support

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