Types of Printers and Their Advantages

September 13, 2012 1 Comment

printers typesPrinters have basically became an part of our everyday life from producing tangible copies of important digital documents stored in our computers and mobile computing devices to printing photographs for our scrapbooks and family albums. These printing machines  are both used in our home near our personal computers or in the office at our working desks.

There are commonly two types of printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. These two printers basically are designed to produce and meet specific tasks, offering printing features that the one can stand out from the other and vice versa. So if you happen to be looking for a printer to use then perhaps it would be prudent to know some information regarding their differences and advantages.

  • Inkjet Printers 
Ink printers or inkjet printers are printing devices which works when a current passed through its heat nozzles and cause some bubbles  to expand inside the cartridge and propel a droplet of ink thus making the printing process possible. These printers are considered to be most commonly used by home users for one reason that they cost less than laser printers, and so does it printer consumable, the inkjet cartridges. Another factor that inkjet printers have over laser printers is that they are much better to use when it comes to printing images and photographs. Since it uses ink instead of toner, its colored photo-printouts create a lively, vibrant effect to it compared to those produced by laser printers.
  • Laser Printers
Laser printers, on the other hand, works through its laser component drawing an exact copy of the image of digital document it processed from the computer to the photo-receptor drum.  The photo-receptor drum then gets the exact amount of toner and distributes it to the paper on the right areas. After the toner powder had been placed to the paper then it passes through heat fusers or rollers to bind the powder into the paper permanently thus producing the printout itself.
The only drawback is that laser printers and its printer consumables, the laser toner cartridges,  are expensive than inkjet printers. However,  when its comes to its running cost, laser printers have the upperhand. This is because laser toner cartridges have a higher page yield compare to inkjet cartridges, one toner cartridge can likely print up 2,000 up to 10,000 pages based on its yield.
Another advantage that laser printers have is their printing speed and capability to print large volume of documents. You can simply refer to them as workhorse printing machines, enabling 100,000 monthly duty cycle. This is the reason why laser printers are often found in working environments because of their productivity and speed. It comes handy to in printing high-quality text-based and graphic printouts.
  • Key Point
Both printers, the laser printer and inkjet printer, have their own advantages and disadvantages. The point here is to find the right printer that suits your needs and one that you can optimize its whole functionality. If you’re likely to use the printer in printing pictures and image-based documents then choose an inkjet printer. However, if you’re going to use the printer in producing text-based documents or those with tables and graphs such as business files, worksheets and reports then laser printer would be the wisest choice.
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