Using Laser Printers with Compatible Toner Cartridges

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laser printersLaser printers have been really common for printer users that create numerous and large printouts each day. With the fast and reliable printing, its users are guaranteed to make their works easier and more efficient. Using compatible toner cartridges on a laser printer can even add to the benefits that it has already provided. Compared to the inkjet printers, there are a lot of ways to save on ink and paper provided that compatible toners are being used while enjoying the advanced performance of laser printers. Some of these advantages are proven and can be trusted by the first time users like those that are listed here.

1. Higher Page Yield

Compatible printer cartridges are made to meet and even exceed the performance of the original cartridges. To keep the high quality printing and savings for its buyer, these third party toners can create at least 1,000 pages depending on the toner. A compatible HP toner from Tonerboss for example can make 9,000 full text pages or 8,000 colored prints.

2. Longer Shelf-life

Compared to inkjet cartridges, printer toners have a shelf-life of three years which can be considered as a money and toner saver when you do not print a lot. When already used, a toner can be consumed within three to six months which is still longer than other cartridges.

3. Higher Page-Per-Minute Specification

Although the PPM is usually carried by the printer itself, this can also change with the toner cartridge being used. Fifteen to thirty-five pages can be made from a laser printer and when the right compatible toner is used, the printer may even perform faster.

Even though the price of laser printers are much higher than the inkjet printers, the savings can be seen after sometime since the maintenance and the cartridges being used, especially if these are compatible toner cartridges, can really lessen the expense on printing needs.

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