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Using Your HP Toners to Their Full Potential

April 6, 2016 No Comments

hp printerHP printers are one of the most popular printer brands in the world along Canon, Panasonic, Xerox, Brother and Epson. Hewlett Packard are also known for their laserjet printers, actually their were the one who introduced the first desktop laser printer to the world in the year 1984 and left an impact to the printing industry, giving a chance to the emergence of new laser-jet printers.

HP toners are known for their durability and efficient functionality that provides printer users with satisfaction. These cartridges contain high-quality toner mixed with polymer that delivers excellent quality of printouts. They also provide you with high-yield and low-yield cartridges. High-yield toner cartridges allow you to print in large volumes but cost more than low-yield cartridges.

Given that HP toners quality and performance are already proven by consumers, some things might intervene the performance of your HP toner cartridges that you need to avoid. Here are some tips to help you  use your HP toners to their full potential:

  • Take Note of Your HP Toner’s Shelf Life – HP toners have an expected life of  about 24 months divided between its shelf-life and installed life. The recommended shelf-life of an HP toner cartridge is about 18 months, while the remaining six months is the expected installed life of an HP toner.
  • Avoid heat, moisture or humidity -Never expose your HP toners to excessive heat or humidity since this could damage their components and render their toner particles unfit for laser printing. Heat can cause toner to prematurely fuse with the plastic while moisture can turn the toner particles soggy and too much exposure on light can damage the photosensitive properties of your HP toners.
  • Change the Cartridge DrumUnit – If your HP printer contains a separate drum, this drum needs to be replaced time to time. The average install life of an imaging drum last for three toner replacement. Most printer users make the mistake of replacing their toner cartridge instead of changing the printer’s drum unit every time the printer prints sub-par quality documents.
  • Never Leave them Behind –  Never leave newly bought HP toners in your car, as even on cool days the temperature can exceed safe levels which may distort the plastic in the cartridge. The basement isn’t a good place either because it’s damp.
  • Do Not Touch the Electric Component – Refrain yourself from touching the electric components of your HP toners, doing so may damage it and affect its performance.

Just follow these tips and you’re sure to be getting the best printouts from your HP toners. But most importantly, make sure you purchase your HP toners from reliable online retailers that only provides high-quality HP toners.

TonerBoss is the leading specialist in providing quality compatible printer supplies for all HP printers. All products are guaranteed to meet your printing supplies and satisfaction. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is backed up by 1 year warranty on all quality compatible HP toners and inks. So grab your quality compatible HP toner from TonerBoss now!

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