Ways On How To Protect Your Printer And Other Stored Data

December 3, 2011 1 Comment

Securing your printer stored data can be difficult, but there are simple ways to help you tighten the security of your information through the printing process, making it more safe and keeping your printing jobs private.

Printer is one of the most valuable technologies in our life, it is used in different businesses, schools, hospitals and more. It prints your private documents, images or anything that you like. But do you know that it can be accessed by other people through the network or internet? Well, I think that you should start paying attention on that matter.

Here are some of the processes that can help improve your security.

Avoiding common/basic networked printer problems

Don’t network your computer. This is the best thing to do if you can’t manage network maintenance and at the same time it helps to keep your stuff private. The best alternative to this process is to connect from a personal computer using USB cable, it will help keep your printing processes private.

Changing default password. By frequently changing of password can guarantee you a much better security. This will not allow the access of different people using remote computers. But be aware when changing your passwords frequently, this might possibly cause you to forgot the recent password that you saved.

Keep your printing machine up-to-date. When different makers of printer discovered that there is a security issue on their products they release an update to its firmware. This update can give you more secured process and will close any security holes on the software part.

If dealing with highly sensitive data…

Securing network infrastructure. Paying attention to two or more printers that you have is difficult, but proper maintenance can be worth it. Updating your passwords, securing access and installing/updating of your firmware are some of the best steps that you can implement to avoid or minimize networking problems.

Securing Information. If you are going to send data via network, be sure that it is secured. You can use data encryption in avoiding an interception along its path.

Securing your machine. Aside from frequently changing of password, having an access control can help protect the printer from being accessed online or by other remote computers.

Securing Soft Copies/Data. Make sure that after you printed out what you need, delete it, most especially when it is an important/private file. Storing data on printer might not be safe and can be easily accessed by some individuals. To avoid this, you can save your files on your hard drives (like flash drive, external hard drives) instead on printers.

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