Ways to Save More with Compatible Ink Cartridges

July 21, 2010 No Comments

save-key-img1On a recent blog entry here, it was shown how ink cartridges can take your money easily if you prefer to buy the original ones. However, if you switch to compatible printer inks, you will surely save a lot on your printing and expenses too.

Since it has been everyone’s concern to keep their shopping costs at the right amount, here are some ways for you to save more on the printing side while using compatible inks.

1. Printer Settings

It has been common to find different printer settings that can suit your printing. To keep more money in your pockets, use the draft mode or modify your setting to the choice that allow is to print with a lower quality.

2. Font Sizes and Styles

It is a plus sometimes for an output to be recognized when it uses different font sizes or font styles. However, there are those fonts that are designed to save on your ink and paper without giving you a hard time in reading. One of these is the Ecofont which was made to increase environmental awareness.

3. Know What to Print

Oftentimes, we have files or documents that can reach more than 20 pages. But it has been proven that not everything in that certain file is helpful or must be printed for reference. So a good tip on this is to highlight the portions that you really need then print those. Make sure you only consume 2-3 pages to avoid too much printing.

4. Online Shopping and Bulk Offers

Online shopping has always provided convenience for all shoppers since all you have to do is place an order on the website then wait for your purchase to arrive at your doorstep. There are even stores that offer bulks and sets with discounts and specific promos so you can save more on those like the ones offered by Tonerboss.com.

Saving your money has never been this easy and convenient. Thanks to the concerned companies that give out high quality compatible ink cartridges at a lower price.

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