What’s the Real Deal with HP P1005?

May 3, 2010 1 Comment

hp p1005

CB435A cartridge for HP P1005 Printer

The HP LaserJet P1005 Printer is a low-priced printer that may save your budget and meet your space requirements for personal and even professional use. It was made to provide high quality printing at the lowest cost possible, but does this printer have any difficulties that a user may encounter? Well, here are a few details on that matter.

Incorrect Messages

When printing a supply page for the recommended CB435A cartridge, the HP P1005 Printer will display the appropriate ink level. However, when it reaches a minimum amount like 10% and you decide to replace the ink cartridge with a new one, the printer might give you the wrong information on the ink level when you print a new supply page. It may still recall the 10% ink level from the past cartridge, so just reprint the page to update the stored ink level.

Chip Concerns

This may happen when you replace your old ink cartridge with a new one but it has a defective chip in it. In this case, the status page for the ink level will not appear and the printer will continue printing without letting the user know about the status of the inks. Nevertheless, when you use a new cartridge with a good chip installed in it, the printer will return to its normal function.

Paper Feeding Issues

While printing an important paper and you suddenly lack enough paper on the HP P1005 printer, you will surely experience problem. The printer won’t continue printing even after restoring the paper because it will need to reboot your computer. You will not easily think of this because there will be no warning message from the printer. So, restart everything and trying printing again.

Sometimes, cheap items can really provide you with low expenses, however, make sure that these materials are trusted and have proven their quality to avoid sudden problems.

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