What are the Advantages of Buying Remanufactured HP Toners?

May 4, 2012 1 Comment

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Do you have an HP laserjet printer at home?  If yes, then perhaps you know how expensive it is to buy an HP toner. The on-going expenses of having a laserjet printer at home or at the office can be quite frustrating especially if you have a high demand in printing. But good thing, there is a way to save some money and cut your HP printer’s on-going costs, and that’s by purchasing remanufactured HP toners.

  • What are these remanufactured HP Toners?
Remanufactured HP toners or HP toner cartridges are HP empty toner cartridges that are shipped into a remanufacturing warehouse, reprocessed, inspected, tested and replaced any worn parts before filled with high-grade toners mixed with engineering-grade polymer to produce excellent printouts and image quality photographs.
  • How about their quality?
The quality of remanufactured HP toners or toner cartridges has improved since they were introduced in the market. Remanufactured HP toners went through several rigorous printing tests and quality control process to ensure their performance is equivalent to new cartridges.
  • How about their prices?
Purchasing remanufactured HP toners can save you more money. These HP toner cartridges can let you save up to 60% of your printing costs. Remanufactured HP toner cartridges give good quality printing at lower costs, ensuring the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality and quantity of your printouts by buying affordable prices.
  • Are they environment-friendly?
One of the advantages in buying remanufactured HP toners is that they are environment-friendly and do not render the non-biodegradable cartridges useless. You can also help conserve energy and natural resources by supporting these remans.
  • Will buying remanufactured HP toner cartridges void my warranty?
One of the most common myths in buying remans is that they will void your HP printer’s warranty. According to the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, it is illegal for companies to void your warranty for using remanufactured toner cartridges.
  • Where can I find these remanufactured HP toner cartridges?
They are easily available online in e-commerce toner shops. All reputable online stores offer guarantees and warranties.
  • Choosing remanufactured HP toner cartridges.
Choosing remanufactured HP toner cartridges is a smart choice to save your budget and help the environment at the same time. Though some are doubtful to purchase remanufactured HP toner cartridges with all the unproven issues out there, especially how they produce sub-par quality outputs and their defectiveness. You don’t have to worry about those things as long as you purchase from reliable and trusted online suppliers and e-commerce shops.

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