What is Inside a Fuser or Maintenance Kit?

December 8, 2010 No Comments

printer maintenance kitIf you own a laser printer, you may have already known that you need to supply it with a good deal of laser toner cartridges and laser drum cartridge.

However, aside from purchasing these printer supplies, you must also be aware that you will need a fuser kit or maintenance kit when your laser printer says, “Replace the fuser kit” or “Perform printer maintenance”.

Now, since the past blog entry here has already instructed you on when to get a fuser kit or maintenance kit, it would be best for us to discuss what is inside that printer supplies box. So let’s enumerate each part here and briefly describe what it can do for your laser printer.

1.Fuser- The fuser is the part that is responsible for melting the toner and keeping it on the paper. It has a hot roller and a back-up roller which helps it apply pressure and heat on the toner to make it stay on the material, whether it be plain paper or a different medium.

2.Pick Up Rollers- These rollers can be found on the paper input tray. These parts help the printer grip the paper and let it transfer inside the machine for printing.

3.Air Filters- Air filters help keep the printer clean and cool when it is functioning. This is to avoid those particles that come with the paper being used on it. Also, laser printers have the tendency to heat up when printing so it would be best to have an air filter in your machine.

There are other printer parts in a fuser or maintenance kit depending on which store you decide to purchase from. However the parts above usually come standard in kits, because those are most needed to maintain your printer.

Just be sure that you get your printer maintenance kit from a trusted store to get the value and product that you deserve. After all, these printer parts make your printer perform better in the long run.

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