When Will You Need A Fuser Kit or A Maintenance Kit?

November 19, 2010 1 Comment

maintenance kitOwning a laser printer has a lot of advantages in terms of high quality text prints and amazing printing speed, but for this machine to perform in its best, you need to show a little love and care for your printer.

So to keep it in good shape and performance, you must know when you will need a fuser kit or a maintenance kit. Now, if this is the first time that you have heard about these kits, you might wonder what differentiates the fuser kit from the maintenance kit and what these two can do for your printer. Let’s take a quick review on both tools used for your printing partner.

Most of the time, the fuser kit and the maintenance kit seem identical and the parts found inside are just the same. However, the items in the kits would vary depending on the manufacturer or the store that is selling these.

The usual things found in a fuser kit or maintenance kit are the following:

1. Fuser

2. Rollers (transfer rollers, pick-up rollers, and paper feed/separation rollers)

3. Air filters

4. Other parts needed

So the next question is when should you buy these kits for your laser printer? Well, the approximate period for such parts to wear out would be every after 1-2 years, but this will still depend on your mode of printing. Also, when you are printing then suddenly the error messages “Replace the fuser kit” and “Perform printer maintenance,” this simply means that you need to purchase the said kits right away and replace the necessary parts in your printer.

However, it would be best to always do proper maintenance on your machine to avoid abrupt problems such as the printer errors given since you would not want to get stuck with your important work just because you did not care for your printer.

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