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Which Color of Printer Ink is Used Most?

December 16, 2015 No Comments


The topic may seem insignificant or irrelevant for some people but knowing which color of printer ink is consumed most is important because this can give insights on your computer use and habits. It can also help you trim down your printer cartridge expenses.

As consumers like you would probably know, printer ink cartridges can be heavy on the pocket. The good thing about this is that even just the minor changes in your print habits or printer preferences can impact this cost a lot. For instance, a minor change of printing in grayscale or black and white instead of color can already help you save a lot of money.

Obviously, the most common color of printer ink bought by consumers or sold by retailers is black. This is already expected since people print more texts than graphics and most texts are in black. In particular, businesses and educational institutions use black ink more for printing their reports and notices. Also, physical and online stores offer a sizeable amount of printer models that use black ink only (more popularly known as black and white printers).

Other colors of printer inks are used occasionally but among the primary colors in an ink cartridge, red is found to be used most often. Again, this is quite expected since people tend to use red to make emphasis on their texts. As for the other colors of ink, printer supply retailers and sellers are having difficulty in determining which sells most or are used most often since some ink cartridges already contain three colors instead of a single color.

These are the common trends among printer users. It may or may not be true for you but now that you know which color of printer inks are used most, you can start observing your printer usage to see if you have the same trends. This information can be helpful. For instance, if you are looking for a way to trim down your printer ink expenses, you can change your printer settings and preferences or you can edit the documents and graphics that you need to print in order to minimize the ink used on each printout.

Make it a habit to do a Print Preview before printing the document to avoid wasting both paper and ink. There is also the usual recommendation of using the Draft or Fast mode for print quality. Some people would tinker with font sizes and line spacing to save on the ink and paper.

Printer ink cartridges that are used less frequently should be taken out of the printer for storage or you can reverse the position of the cartridge for at least 30 minutes before using it to clear any residues or stuck heads. I personally know some people who discard full cartridges because they thought these were already empty. As it turned out, the ink just got stuck because they were not used for some time.

Paying attention to your print habits and usage can go a long way. It may save you only a bit at first but in the long run, you’ll notice that you are able to save a lot since you are now able to maximize the use of your printer ink cartridges.

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