Why Companies Should Buy Printer Cartridges in Bulk

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Perhaps it happened already: you or your team is pressed for time. You finished the report but it has to be printed so you can distribute it to the attendees to the meeting. In the middle of printing your document, the printer ink or toner runs out. What do you? Ask the personnel in charge of supplies. Worse comes to worst when the person tells you they had ran out of stock of printer ink or laser toner cartridges.

This is one of the reasons why offices should always consider buying printer ink and toner cartridges in bulk especially if they do a lot of printing. For one, you will never run into flimsy problems like this one if you have enough supply of printer cartridges. Aside from this, buying printer cartridges in bulk can also benefit your business budget and profits.

  • Discounted Costs – Buying printer cartridges in huge volumes allow you more savings since you can get additional discounts.
  • Always on Stock – Chances are you will never experience running out of printer ink or toner if you have enough supply. In this way, employees will not have any reason not to have a printed copy of their reports or any other documents ready for a meeting or for any other purpose.
  • Cheaper Shipping – You not only save on the prices of the printer cartridges, you also get to save on the shipping costs. Shipping bulk cargoes can give you more substantial discount than shipping in small packages. Also, try calculating the amount of shipping several printer cartridges in small packages and shipping several printer cartridges in just one cargo. You’ll find out that it costs more to ship several small packages than shipping just one large package.

Buying printer ink and toner cartridges in bulk does not only save money. It also saves time and effort. For one, the office supplies personnel will no longer have to run to and from the office supplies store to buy a printer cartridge. However, stocks should be refilled and the inventory should  be updated regularly so that you would know when you need to order your next batch of printer cartridges.

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