Why is Your HP Printer Printing in Pink Only?

December 2, 2010 No Comments

printer errorSo you own an HP printer and then suddenly it starts to print your files in pink only. Pink, why of all the colors would your printouts turn into pink?

Well, this printer problem is usually common for HP printers especially the models known as HP Deskjet 1220C, HP Deskjet 932C, HP Deskjet 900 series, and the HP Photosmart printers which are all using the HP 78 Tri-Color ink cartridge.

The common reasons why your HP printer is producing pink prints are dried or uncleaned printer nozzles, empty ink cartridge, mixed ink inside the cartridge due to incorrect ink color, and dirty cartridge or electrical contacts.

If you have figured out which among the causes above was the reason behind your pink files, you may now start doing the right maintenance tips suggested below to fix your HP printer and print good documents or images again.

So here are the ways to troubleshoot that pink print problem. First, you can try to reinstall your HP printer driver. You can also check if the printer software configuration is accurate or maybe the problem is with your printer itself if none of these tips work.

However, if you feel the the HP ink cartridge is the one causing you troubles, you can do manual cleanig like taking off the cartridge and wiping it or use those printer cleaning tools found on your computer.

Now, at least one of these tips will surely work for your HP printer so you would not have to worry too much with those pink printouts. Just be sure to do a test print before finally creating your real files to avoid wasting too much inks since you would not want to spend too much on your printing costs, right?

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