The World’s Fastest Printer in the Market

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world's fastest printer

World’s fastest printer developed by Brother Industries which will be release on 2013 or 2014.

Early April this year, Brother Industries, one of the major manufacturers of laser printers and inkjet printers had showcased the world’s fastest printer in the world at Brother’s European Press Event in Berlin. It is capable of printing 100 pages per minute. Although still a prototype, the monochrome inkjet printer is officially the fastest printer there is in the market, uniquely designed incorporating both laser and inkjet printing technology.

According to Brother’s Europe Chris Marshall, “The printer does 100ppm by having over 5,000 nozzles that fire across the paper in one go. What’s more, power consumption is also significantly lower than any other high end laser printer.”

And as it is stated earlier, though it uses inkjet technology, it also incorporates the speed and the quality print that laser printers have. “It’s taken a lot of new technology to print at this speed at laser quality,” said Chris Marshall. “We expect it to be available in Europe over the next year or maybe two.”

The world’s fastest printer integrates a 21.5 cm-wide print head technology in its Brother ink cartridge and has 5,198 microscopic nozzles that enables 5,198 nozzles, enabling it to print across the entire paper all at the same. One good feature that this printer have as well is that its power consumption and double-sided printing feature cuts its on-going printing costs.

TechRadar stated, “The 100ppm cited speed is 58 per cent faster than current speedy mono lasers on the market, which hover around the 60ppm mark. The printer incorporates a new linehead technology in order to make the magic happen.”

More information such as its name, its specifications and the printer itself will be known to the public either by 2013 or 2014. But consumers should also expect that its cost will be expensive as it holds a corporate-class device, ideal for large organizations, work groups and offices.

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Sources: TechRadar / Digital Versus  Pic from GizmoWatch

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